Gender Politics and Social Ecology of Early 17th Century by Prof. Weiner Dickenberger

Sounds like a dull title by an author with a slightly unfortunate name and book that you’re unlikely to open? Except that Skore Condoms has hit on a really smart way to make sure that you’re likely to add to this your list of orders .

Why? Because Skore is using the book as a faux-cover to sell condoms which are placed inside this ‘book’. The ‘book’ is available on Flipkart .

The packaging is pure genius. Think about it. A brown book with a long title arrives in the mail. Your dad picks up the book, dismisses it as one of your college readings, and dumps it in your room. Of course, nobody in your house knows that it’s actually a box of condoms, and thus you are able to avoid the judging looks of the parents and the local chemist.

Source: Flipkart

Like Skore, other brands aren’t far behind when it comes to trying out some daring packaging ideas.

“KamaSutra has Wallet packs where the major part of the couple’s image remains hidden. It also boasts of Hardwear packs which are plastic packs easy to carry; Honeymoon packs that bundle condom with fun accessories such as satin blindfold and feather tickler; and Skyn that resembles a high-end perfume pack,” Economic Times reports.

Durex has something new to offer, as well. They have a ‘Love Pack’ exclusively on Snapdeal, which is an assortment of goodies.

Source: Snapdeal

More avenues for (s)experiments

“Sexual wellness is a Rs 1,000-crore category and is growing at a fast pace,” a Flipkart spokesperson told Telegraph India .

The report also adds that 10 percent of worldwide searches on Google for adult products — this includes your erotic massagers, lubricants, vibrators, etc — are from India. And that’s what CEO Samir Saraiya, who runs, wanted to tap. “I am the most shy guy on planet Earth but I decided to do it and all my friends encouraged me,” he told Telegraph.

Another website that sells all kinds of sex toys like rings, human plastic sex dolls, dildos, is Dhruv Amin, Head of Marketing at the website explains its idea to , “Indians are known to be frequent visitors of sexual destinations. Be it Tashkent in Kazakhstan or Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand due to lack of adventure and fun available in the sex life of Indians. “

Source: Sexpiration

“Apart from that, people are really discreet even while buying Lingerie and that made us feel huge need for products such as these,” he adds .

Indians want to buy, but some of them don’t understand the proper use of the product. So Sexpiration goes the extra mile for their customers.

“For some products, we even have videos. Still we get lots of emails asking clarifications about products on email or phone. We also write blogs constantly to enhance people’s knowledge about sex toys,” Amin says.

Sexual ‘health’

While the (s)excitement over these products is fairly natural, they also prove useful in case of sexual failure inside the bedroom. As this Slate piece explains sex toys can ‘keep the doctor away’.

“Women who suffer from incontinence or a prolapsed uterus can exercise their pubococcygeal muscles—not to mention have more satisfying orgasms—by doing Kegels. Those muscles get an even better workout if you use weighted barbells, balls, and spring-loaded devices… Some health professionals also believe that woman can hasten recovery from surgeries like Caesarean sections with the help of sex aides, which increase blood flow,” adds the report.

“I advise patients to try sex toys in cases where the husband is impotent,” Dr PS Murthy, a consultant psychiatrist and sexologist at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore told Telegraph.

These toys also boost sexual drive for couples, who might not have time to indulge in amorous activities thanks to their stressful lives.

Source: Sexpiration

Can they be taken down?

Despite the benefits of sex toys, they aren’t exactly legal in India, if one were to go by Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Section 294 (law against obscenity) states that any obscene act performed publicly “shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine, or with both.”

The other law that serves as problem point for the sale of such products is Section 377 of the IPC. It declares “unnatural sex”, which includes gay sex and fellatio, as illegal. Technically, even a hetero-sexual couple using a dildo would be acting in violation of Section 377.

An SC lawyer, in order to understand whether Section 377 extends to online sale of vibrators and anal lubricants, filed a complaint against e-commerce website Snapdeal for “abetting gay sex and exhibiting obscene products by listing lubricants and massagers/vibrators” recently.

Going by that logic, none of these products are legal. But they continue to thrive.

It’s evident that while India has taken to sex toys online, laws on sexuality continue to remain in the 18th century.