Recently, cases of sexual harassment and lewd remarks have been on a rise at the Indian Airline circuit bringing yet another disappointing case to light.

News Nation

According to reports, an Air India pilot has accused her commander of sexual misconduct. In her complaint to the management, the pilot said that her senior asked her several inappropriate questions.

According to the woman, the incident occurred when she and her senior Co-Pilot went for dinner at a restaurant in Hyderabad. 

The World News

NDTV quoted her complaint mentioning how things started getting uncomfortable, 

He started with telling me how depressed and unhappy he was in his married life. He also asked me how I coped with my husband living away and whether I didn’t need to have sex every day. He asked me if I masturbated. At some point, I told him I did not want to talk about all this and called a cab.

But turns out things were not going to get any better when the Commander repeatedly called and messaged her threatening to come to her room.

Air India has initiated a high-level inquiry to this matter.