On Saturday, Lt. General Madhuri Kanitkar made history by becoming the first woman pediatrician to achieve the second-highest post in the force.

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According to reports, Lt. General Kanitkar has been proudly serving in her olive greens for a period of 37 years. She was the former dean of Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and now has been posted to the Headquarters of Integrated Defence Staff under the Chief of Defence Staff.   

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That’s not all, Lt. General Madhuri Kanitkar is probably the first woman who shares the same rank as her husband. Along with her husband Lt. General Rajiv, they’ll be the first couple in the history of the armed forces to achieve the rank, together. 

That’s right folks, they’re literally and officially the power-couple of the Indian National Army. 

India Today

Lt. General Kanitkar is the third woman to receive the second-highest position in the army. Lt. Gen Punita Arora a surgeon vice-admiral and a former 3-flag officer of INC and INA was the first woman to hold this post, followed by Lt. Gen. Padmavathy Bandopadhyay. 


Lt. General Kanitkar’s current key role under CDS will be to ensure optimum utilization of allocated budget, ushering in more synergy in procurement and focusing on the training and operations of the services through joint planning and integration.


Along with the red collar and the shining stars, Lt. General Kanitkar is power posing as an inspiration for many young girls.