In the worst riots that Delhi has seen since 1984, many stories of heartbreak and horror have emerged.

However, equal, if not more, are the heartwarming instances of people showing their best side in these testing times.

For instance, a father and son duo helping 60-80 Muslims in their area to flee the escalating violence.

Mohinder Singh and his son Inderjit Singh, carried all these people to safety on a bike and a scooty, taking 20 trips each.

Mohinder Singh who helped muslims flee the violence
Source: Huffington Post

They'd take at least 3-4 people, in case of women and children and 2-3 people, in case of boys and men.

They even put turbans on some kids to hide their identities.

This way, they managed to transport around 60-80 Muslims from Gokalpuri to Kardampuri, localities which are one kilometre apart.

In a report by Huffington Post, Mohinder was quoted as saying:

I did not see Hindu or Muslim. I just saw people. I saw little children. I felt like they were my children and that nothing should happen to them. We did this because we all should act humanely and help those in need. What more can I say?

As the city struggles to overcome the implications of the religion-based violence, these are the gestures it takes courage from. More power to people like Mohinder Singh and Inderjit Singh.

You can read the full story on Huffington Post website here.