Meet Jaswinder Singh, a Sikh man residing in Pheonix, USA. He is the owner of a gas station in the States. Singh has lowered the price of petrol for the customers at his station and bears the brunt of losses all by himself.

Is there a virtue greater than kindness?

India Times

Reportedly, Singh has reduced the price by 47 cents from the actual purchase price. He sells gas at $5.19 a gallon and suffers a loss of $500 per day, but the man has no regrets whatsoever. 

The New York Times

While talking about this, Singh said that he is doing so to ‘give a break to the customer and my community.’ He mentioned that people don’t have money, and his mother and father have taught him to help others. 

If you have something, you have to share it with other people.

Apparently, Singh has been selling gas at a lesser price since March.

Reportedly, Singh along with his wife, Ramandeep Kaur, work overtime at the station. They’ve got a lot of expenses to bear but they truly believe in humanity and inherent kindness. 

The world truly needs more people like them.