Siri is as close to Iron Man’s Jarvis as mankind can hope for right now. But what happens when Jarvis decides to go rogue and tells Tony Stark that the Sokovians deserved to die because Ultron reprogrammed him that way. Well, Siri hasn’t exactly gone rogue but instead, has apparently turned into a racist bigot. Apple’s personal assistant has been throwing out racist answers to the question, “What is an Indian?”


When asked the said question, Siri doesn’t directly provide the user with the Wikipedia link as it is supposed to do but replies with, “They are a bit brown and they smell like curry and eat it”.  

Now, this is not it. Siri is a not be exactly blamed for the replies it has been giving. According to The Sun, a user by the name of Thedarkoverlord123 had changed the Wikipedia page on June 8, 2017, and it seems like Siri has been borrowing her information from the older version of the page. The racist user had also edited the page for Diwali on the same day with some absurd racist comments. 


According to reports, Siri had also annoyed a few people across the globe when it had struggled to recognise accents. While it is understandable that the internet is full of information and Siri is just borrowing them, Apple must also take responsibility for the actions for errors committed by its products and correct them.