We all know that one person who goes to take a dump and then settles down on the pot itself, never to come out again.


While our friend is spending eons in the toilet for what takes at best only 10 minutes, China is targeting this very specific problem with ‘smart bathrooms

There are 150 new public toilets installed all across Shanghai which have very high-tech features which include monitoring and controlling the odor in the air, tabulating the number of visitors, and adjusting water levels. 


One really special feature is where it keeps a track on how long users have been inside the toilet. If the person has spent more than 15 minutes in the toilet, an alert is sent out and a worker comes to check up on that toilet. 


It is possible that it could also be a safety feature, to make sure no one faints or to avoid any other similar type of accidents in these toilets. But we’re sure it’s tackling the toilet hoggers.