While most of the country has been at house-arrest, quarantining for almost a week, PM Modi while delivering his speech on COVID-19 declared a nationwide Janta Curfew for March 22nd, 2020 i.e today. 

Source: ET

He urged people to limit their social contact and isolate themselves, he also requested them to stay at home, come to their balconies and start clapping or ringing bells sharp at 5 p.m today to extend their support to the people who tirelessly work during these times. 

However, a viral video of a large crowd taking to the streets, in the backdrop of what appears to be the Hawa Mahal to carry out this activity together during a 'curfew' has gone viral. 

Source: Instagram

In this video, children, men, women and senior citizens were seen walking together in large social crowds instead of isolating themselves to prevent the spread of COVID-19, defeating the whole purpose of having a nation-wide curfew. 

Furious about taking this opportunity of a social- distancing and confusing it with a social gathering, Twitter collectively lost its temper. 

As COVID-19 cases in India have soared up to almost 360 along with a death toll of 7 and with practically most of the nation under lockdown, it's imperative we do our part to keep each other around us safe during through quarantine.