Spending enormous amounts on clothes (branded or not) is a big no-no for many people out there. Some people can’t afford to spend hefty money on expensive outfits due to peanut salaries, or they simply don’t shop for them out of their choices. This is mostly witnessed in a middle-class household. Even some celebrities are not brand-conscious, be it Sara Ali Khan, who “prefers salwar-kameez from Sarojini Nagar,” or Amrita Rao, who did not pick a designer outfit for her own marriage. Remember when we told you how the Vivah actress spent just ₹3000 for her wedding saree?

Source: Amrita Rao/Instagram

Then there are the people who give no second thought before buying expensive outfits, mainly for shaadi functions. Of course, everyone likes dressing up. While some people shop with their own hard-earned money, others let parents/siblings pay for them. Now, someone apparently bought a designer suit online worth ₹28,000 without informing her parents and casually ‘asked’ them to transfer the amount in her bank account.

A Twitter user (@vibewitdasspamm) shared a screenshot of an alleged WhatsApp conversation with her mom. In the picture, we see a message being addressed to ‘mamma’ that reads, “I ordered a suit, ask baba to transfer cash in my account before 5th June.” And the reply goes like, “Beta, you should ask me before ordering it…Actually I do not know you.”

Source: Twitter

“My own mother disowned me,” the tweet reads.

Here’s the tweet:

Going by the screenshot of the order, the suit is from designer label Hussain Rehar‘s collection owned by Pakistani fashion designer of the same name. As per its official website, the original cost of these label suits varies from 20000 PKR to 30000 PKR (₹5,792-₹8,689) and more.

A screenshot from the official website

However, in India, these Pakistani designer suits are being sold at different prices including over ₹20,000. A following screenshot from The Fashion Station , an Indian website says it all.

Source: The Fashion Station

Anyway, Twitterati can’t believe that the user actually bought a label suit whose price is almost equal to the average monthly salary of an employee.

Some netizens either supported the mother in discussion or slammed the ‘entitled’ buyer for asking her parents to pay back without even informing them beforehand. Let’s check out their reactions:

What do you think of this behaviour? Yay or nay? Also, 28k for suit? Nope, not even for a wedding function.