In a bizarre incident, business tycoon and U.S. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s tombstone was erected at New York’s Central Park over the weekend, reports The Gothamist

According the Central Park officials, the mischief was carried out by a group of clever aspiring undertakers, reports New York Daily News.

It bore Trump’s name bold capital letters and the epitaph read, “Made America Hate Again.” and listed his birth year as 1946. However, in a clever move, they left the death year open for the viewers to decide.

b’Source: Twitter’

After it was reported to the authorities, the tombstone was swiftly removed. However, by that time, the image had already gone viral on social media. 

What makes this tombstone even more amusing is that Trump was recently given permission to build himself a private cemetery at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, reports IBTimes

(Feature image source: Twitter | @NYDailyNews)