Today, there was a sonic boom in Bangalore that rocked a bunch of eardrums and set off alarms. The loud sound was heard at various parts of Bengaluru at around 1:45 PM. Many residents claimed they heard a loud ‘boom’, felt their homes shaking and their windows rattling. This went on for at least 5 seconds. The Bengaluru Police Commissioner said they are looking into it, and have even asked the Air Force Control Room to check if this was caused by a flight. .

Unexplained phenomena is a way of life by now, but it still needs an origin, or some form of rational explanation. 

Twitter has been buzzing about just what the heck it could be, leading to some pretty far out hypotheses, and a whole lot of funny content.

Others just thought it was straight up aliens. After all, it does sound like something otherworldly.

Investigations into what actually happened are ongoing. Pretty freaky stuff, huh?