India’s air is so polluted that it is capable of reducing the life of its citizens by 10 years! Year after year, it’s the same piece of news that does the rounds during the month of October – North India turning into a gas chamber.

Indian Express

If you think that is alarming, it was recently found that people staying in various districts of Sonipat are suffering from deadly diseases like cancer from all the pollution.

India Times

According to ANI, residents of Saboli, Nathupur, Kundli, Akbarpur, Barota, Safiabad, and Sersa have been affected severely by industrial pollution.

These areas house a huge number of plastic, rubber, and polyester factories. The factories release toxins like dioxin, furan, and benzene into the air and water which has caused reproductive and developmental problems in people living in those areas.

India Times

On top of inhaling the toxic air, the villagers are also drinking polluted water which is leading to skin infections. 

People have resorted to using water filters to make sure that they do not consume impure water.

The Hindu

The project coordinator of Sustainability Vision Foundation Trust, Vijay Kumar Saroha says that none of the industries follows a proper waste disposal system.

 A 78-year-old resident of Saboli village, Mahendra Singh told ANI, 

I was detected with throat cancer in August 2018. The source of our drinking water is getting severely affected due to industrial waste.

He also revealed that corruption is the reason why the problem is going unchecked.

Last year, WHO released a report which said that the poor air quality of the country claimed the lives of 60,000 children under the age of 5 in 2016 alone.

It’s high time that the authorities get past their ‘red tape’ to remedy the situation.