Soaring temperatures in south-east Brazil have brought its residents some disconcerting eight-legged visitors. 

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Well, it sounds like a reboot to the Sharknado series, but the residents in the rural area of southern Minas Gerais have reported that the skies are actually filled with arachnids.

Here is a video where the spiders are just chilling in the sky.

Although it looks like the spiders are falling from the sky, they are actually hanging in a giant web, waiting to catch their prey.

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Parawixia bistriata is a rare social species of spider. 

The ‘community’ web that they collectively build is so fine that it is nearly impossible for the human eye to see. It gives one the illusion that the spiders are floating in the air.

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In the evening, these spiders construct a giant web ceiling which hangs between trees and bushes which can measure up to four meters wide and three meters thick.

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Anyhow, the sight of spiders just casually hanging in the air is enough to burn the entire planet to the ground.