Since you are constantly plugged into the news cycle, it's safe to assume that you have heard about Delhi's Nizamuddin region in relation to coronavirus. 

nizamuddin coronavirus
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But in case you are falling prey to fake news regarding the same, here's everything you should know about why it's on the news. 

In the first week of March, a religious congregation was organised by the Tablighi Jamaat at their New Delhi headquarters, which was attended by more than 1,000 people. Some of the participants, including senior preachers, had come from countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Indonesia where Covid-19 had already spread by that time, the Times of India reported.

nizamuddin coronavirus
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Following this, some of the participants left for different states across the country, some of whom later developed Covid-19 symptoms. This went unnoticed until a 65-year-old resident of J&K died on Thursday. 

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Now, 20 people across states who were linked to the congregation were tested positive for Covid-19 by last Sunday. 

According to India Today, 6 of these people who had tested positive have also died in Telangana. 

Meanwhile, Delhi Police and paramilitary forces have sealed off a major area of Nizamuddin West while over 200 people have been kept in quarantine. 

nizamuddin coronavirus
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According to reports, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal ordered an FIR against the cleric who was leading the congregation.

Officials also said that Delhi Police, CRPF officials and medical teams were sent to the locality after reports emerged that a large number of people had been showing symptoms of the disease.

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The joint Delhi Police-CRPF-medical team that has been posted there is constantly checking people and shifting them to designated hospitals for isolation. The cops are said to have been using drones for surveillance in order to check any violations.

Meanwhile, buses have been kept at arm's distance in case there are people who need to be shifted to quarantine centres. Hotels in the area that had housed people from the congregation have also been sealed.

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According to reports, there were many smaller congregations that culminated in the big meeting in the region. About 600 Indians from different parts of the country had also participated in this event, most of whom left by either trains or flights. 

nizamuddin coronavirus
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Almost 30,000 people reside in Nizamuddin west and Nizamuddin Basti area.