15 miners have been trapped inside a flooded rathole of a mine for 25 days and counting in the North Eastern state of Meghalaya. Whether any of them are still alive, remains to be seen. 

While the efforts to bring them out are still on, the methods used have been futile with complaints about insufficient resources. 

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So stand up comic Abhineet Mishra has taken it upon himself to highlight the matter as Indian media remains too focussed on its other priorities. 

The media attention to the events of the North-East has been minimal, to say the least. Events like the Assam floods have rarely been given enough screen time by the national news channels. 

The miners have been trapped inside the flooded mine for nearly a month now. 

While politicians have been slinging mud at each other. 

It’s high time that the 7 sisters are given as much importance and coverage by the national media. 

You can watch the performance here: 

The truth is, no matter how much we claim the land to be ours, it is the people who live there that truly matter.