Let’s admit it, India’s pompous VIP culture is not going anywhere.

Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government has issued a new directive asking all government officials to show respect to MPs and MLAs by standing up and welcoming them whenever they visit their office, reported News 18.

The same has to be repeated when these dignitaries leave. In case the protocol is not followed, officers will have to face disciplinary action.

These instructions were issued by Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Rajive Kumar as part of the Protocol of Public Representatives. 

Apparently, this move comes after many MPs and MLAs had complained to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath regarding officers not paying enough respect to them. The matter was even raised on the floor of the state legislature.

Here are some other instructions mentioned in the directive:

  • The directive points out that if the officer concerned is unable to work as per the suggestion of an MP or an MLA, he/she should politely tell him/her about the problem.
  • The directive further states that these bureaucrats cannot go to government-funded events as chief guests. 
  • The officers have also been instructed to acknowledge and reply to all letters sent by the public representatives and promptly take their calls or call back. 

Of course, people on Twitter had a lot to say about such an imposition, pointing out that they are not equivalent to gods to deserve such reverence and that the lawmakers should earn the respect as opposed to imposing it on the officials.