India is a versatile, culturally rich sub continent. It is also the land of mind boggling paradoxes. We worship goddesses and practice female infanticide and this is the land where the Kamasutra was written but holding your girlfriend/boyfriend’s hand might get you glares.  Since it’s been prescribed by society that having sex outside the bonds of marriage is wrong, it so happens that people have to hide their sex lives. So much so that it became the idea for a start up. At StayUncle you can rent rooms without the police pouncing on you and tumble in the sheets all you want.

Source: twitter 

Then they put out this ad, Twitter users responded, and we have no idea what to think.

Or, whose needs are they catering to exactly? 


We love the idea of the company, but the image you gave out about people/dogs wanting to rent your room, not so much.