So, we all agree that Rahul Gandhi’s ‘newfound avatar’ has been the latest talk of the town, thanks to his quirky tweets and the witty one-liners in election campaigns.

And now, it seems that the Congress Vice President wants to show that he is also a sports aficionado.

Hard to believe? Well, here’s the proof: 

The photographs which were shared by a Twitter user shows Rahul practising Aikido, a Japanese martial arts form. Dressed in a traditional keikogi (uniform) with a black obi (belt) tied around his waist, he is seen showing off his technique in Aikido hand holds and wrist grabs. He is also seen tossing his sparring opponent to the mat. 

The photographs were later re-tweeted by the official Twitter handle of the Indian National Congress. 

During a public event, boxer Vijender Singh had asked Rahul why politicians aren’t seen playing sports. The 47-year-old leader had then said that he loves sports and is a black belt in Aikido.

“I do exercise, run and swim, and I am a black belt in Aikido, but I don’t speak about it publicly. Sports is very important for me and I spend at least an hour doing sports,” he had said.

Vijender then suggested him to upload videos of these activities on his social media platforms to which Rahul agreed.

Looks like he lived up to his promise!