The nations’ students fighting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is making headlines across the globe. In a latest tweet that is going viral, the front page of three international newspapers can be seen covering India’s ongoing protests. 

NY Times, Wall Street & Washington Post all Carry front pages on Jamia/Muslims Protests #ProtestAgainstCAB

— Ashish K Singh (ABP News) (@AshishSinghLIVE) December 18, 2019 “>Twitter

Indian students have found solace and support in international media and institutions. From Harvard to Yale and Oxford, images of students protesting in the cold against the CAA and the police force, have surfaced. Open letters by the students and the alumni are also making rounds on the internet. 






Protests in cities across India have continued, from Jamia University to IIT, every student is standing up against the CAA and NRC.