Mobile applications have brought revolution in the field of communication by offering a wide range of applications that have made our lives way more easier than before. From finding out the best eatery to find out the nearest route to your destination, the world of apps has sets new standards of convenience every day.

Recently, five students from the University of Michigan created a Companion app which enables users to request a friend or family member to keep them company virtually and track their journey home via GPS on an online map. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

A screen grab of the mobile app

And to do so, the friend or family member does not need to have installed the Companion app.

Several requests can be sent by users to different phone contacts in case people are not available or do not have their phones with them at the time.

Here is a video demonstrating the functionality of the application:

The app was initially designed to help students while walking home at night across university campuses. On calling 911, the app will alert the person’s relevant university campus safety department within the US. But this feature is only applicable to universities that have signed up to work with Companion.

The app also sends an alert to the contact who is keeping you company and that person can choose to call the police and give the location.

While it has not been introduced in India yet, the app definitely looks promising for all those who think that India lacks in safety technologies.