Through generations, it has been told to us that health indeed is wealth. But as much as we Indians do understand the utter importance of this quote, it has been quite a task to abide by it.     

A recent study by a market intellegence agency has revealed that almost two-thirds i.e. 64% of Indians say that they don’t exercise. While 46% of Indians stated that keeping a healthy lifestyle is their top priority, only 37% of them actually do exercise.    

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This research was conducted amongst 3000 adults above 18. It indicated that 31% of Indians revealed their reason for not exercising was due to not getting any time.           


It was also noted that Indians try to do very basic forms of exercises. Where two-thirds (67%) of Indians try to a brisk walk, 26% of them go with Yoga and Cross Fit. While 11% of Indians do cardio and team sports like football and cricket, only 10% achieve proper body lifting exercises.              


An employee of market research comapany mentioned, 

Consumers not finding time to exercise can be attributed to hectic, modern lifestyles and long commute times. Choosing very basic forms of exercise can stem from the fact that exercises involving gyms and fitness classes tend to be more expensive.  

Even though it is hard to find time in our hectic lives, taking out half an hour of the day to exercise can do wonders.