There are places around the globe that have blue glowing water. It’s because the water contains bioluminescent phytoplankton, small water organisms that glow naturally, making the water glow blue. A phenomenon that has left people awestruck. 

What makes Krabi lake different and special is that when you swim through the water, thousands of microscopic plankton light up your fingertips, flickering as you move through the water.


Will Strathmann stumbled across luminescent blue light emanating from people at the coast of Krabi, Thailand and he was shocked. The Philadelphia based photographer captured the mystical site and posted it on Your Shot. Strathmann called it an experience that rocked his world and we completely understand why.

Bioluminescence is when a living creature produces and emits light. Within marine creatures it’s seen in fungi, bacteria, other microorganisms and various vertebrates and invertebrates. The light is the result of a number of chemical reactions within them. But they are, beyond doubt, beautiful.


Bioluminescents are not a far away thing for India. They were seen at Juhu beach, Mumbai and it was as magical as it could get. 


In Australia, bioluminescents glow blue and red! 


Did you guys think it was all special effects in Life of Pi?