Even A True Delhiite Won't Score More Than 5 In This Quiz

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Answer these questions and we'll tell you how well you know the national capital of India.

1. Which place in Delhi has food stalls of different states?

2. Which of these celebrities are from Delhi?

Kunal Nayyar

Sunidhi Chauhan

Shahid Kapoor

3. Is this bridge in Delhi?

4. Which of these monuments is not in Delhi?

Azim Khan Tomb

Jamali Kamali Mosque Tomb

Kaanch Mahal

Bijay Mandal

5. Complete this sentence in Delhi lingo. Life mein bade ____ ho rakhe hai yaar.

6. How many restaurants does Virat Kohli own in Delhi?

7. Where is the Lord Hanuman temple, featured in several Bollywood movies, located in Delhi?

8. Which of these movies have been shot in Delhi?

9. Which is Ranbir Kapoor's favourite spot for Keema Paranthas in Delhi?

10. Where is the famous Wenger’s bakery situated in Delhi?


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