In India, the act of offering cash as a token of appreciation to someone is a common deal but this time this tradition might have gone too far. 

According to reports, a video has gone viral where the Deputy Speaker of Telangana Assembly, Padma Rao Goud was seen stuffing a wad of cash in the mouth of a child during Bonalu celebrations in Secunderabad.  

The child who was playing the drums during the festival had a bundle of 500 rupees notes shoved in his mouth by the minister while he was playing. Reportedly, the child kept playing the instrument with the cash stuffed in his mouth. 


This act of stuffing money in the child’s mouth hasn’t gone down well with child activists

It might be an appreciation towards the child, but the way in which it was shown was not right. He could have waited for the child to finish playing and either given it to him in his hand or kept it in his pocket. We should have more care, concern and respect when dealing with children. 

But Goud hit back instantly at the criticism

Had I burnt the currency notes or destroyed it, it would have been an offence or a punishable crime. Is rewarding a child with some money a crime? I put money three or four times, showing my appreciation. How can that be construed as wrong? It is common in Indian society even during marriages. I was impressed with the boy playing the drums and rewarded him. 

Reportedly, the onlookers kept smiling and cheering while this act was taking place.