With no food, water or rest, thousands of migrant workers are walking home or hitch-hiking atop trucks along with their families. 

Their plight is unimaginable but, there are some who are helping them by giving them food, water and proper footwear. 

In Telangana, a group of 100 teachers have been working together to provide the migrant workers with food, along the highway.

Under the guidance of mandal education officer, Battu Rajeshwar, the teachers have been making arrangements for the poor labourers at Perkit Junction near Nizamabad for the past few days. 

In an interview with TOI, Rajeshwar said that initially they distributed food to about 700 migrants each day, but now the number of migrants have increased to at least 3000. 

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

He further stated that they have employed professional cooks who are preparing the meals and each teacher contributes from their own pocket. 

Each day, nearly ₹20,000 is spent for the initiative and they are also distributing footwear to the migrant workers. 

In these difficult times, they are giving the migrants some much-needed help and support.