Giving up on life was not an option for this terminally ill scientist who has now become the world’s first ‘full cyborg.’ Yes, you read that right. Dr Peter Scott-Morgan made this life-altering decision after he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, nearly two years ago. 

He decided to use his scientific prowess and to challenge the very notion of being a human after he learnt about his condition. 

The 61-year-old scientist was shattered after hearing about the devastating muscle wasting disease but, he fought against all odds by gradually replacing his organic bodily functions with instruments of technology. Can you believe it?

His own body of work was used by revered robotocists from Devon for his transformation. He had already developed a mind-blowing avatar of his own face even before he lost any muscle functions. By doing so, Dr Scott preserved his expressions and his facial reactions. 

He is already looking into eye-tracking technology that could enable him to use multiple computers with just his eyes. If that’s possible, he would be able to control his electronic bed with just a look.

This week, Peter had undergone the final transformation and now, he is all set to introduce himself as Peter 2.0. He underwent a laryngectomy by giving up on his physical voice to avoid the risk of saliva entering into his lungs.

Wondering how he did this? Well, Peter had already ‘banked’ his voice using an advanced, personality infused vocal synthesizer. 

Dr Scott-Morgan was brave enough to undergo this drastic transformation but now he is looking forward to his new life as a full cyborg. 

With this, he also hopes the advanced technology will help others with mobility issues and he wishes to develop, create and spread awareness about the same through the Scott-Morgan Foundation

His inspiring story will also be aired through a Channel 4 documentary in 2020.