As the drama surrounding the EgyptAir flight hijacking unfolded across news channels and social media, all passengers were released unharmed while the hijacker himself surrendered, and it was revealed that he was just an Egyptian man trying to talk to his Cypriot ex-wife.

The man identified as 59-year-old Seif Eldin Mustafa, caused a terror scare as he threatened to detonate a fake suicide belt, and diverted the flight to Cyprus. While he demanded release of female passengers in Egypt at first, he later dropped a letter at the apron of the Larnaca airport, which he said was for his Cypriot ex-wife.

As 81 people including 21 foreigners were held hostage and the world held its breath for one of the weirdest hijackings in history, here’s how Twitter reacted.

The hijacker later released most passengers while holding foreigners hostage, only to release them later, before surrendering to authorities.