At a time when drones have achieved far more acceptance in usage other than wars, law enforcement agencies are worried over tackling the illegally operating drones to ensure security and safety. 

But Dutch police has found an unusual way to deal with it: eagles. 

According to a report in Washington Post, Dutch police has started pilot project with a raptor training compnay Guard From Above to train eagles to safely intercept the flying drones and bring them down. 

Arguably, the eagle has charted its way to the anti-drone arms weaponry because of its incisive eyesight, tightly-clenching talons and lethal hunting instincts

While the decision to whether use eagles for the law enforcement operations will be taken in couple of months, the Dutch police has pointed out that the decision to involve bird may be a “very real possibility.”

To show the effectiveness of the method, the Dutch police has released a video of a trial showing an eagle swooping on a DJI Phatom drone and clutching it with its talons and finally bringing it down in a disabled condition. 

Watch the video here

Feature image source: YouTube Video Screenshot