At least that’s what historian and author William Dalrymple says.

Even as the debate on whether India gifted the precious diamond Kohinoor to the British or they stole it continues, the Indian Express talked to Dalrymple about it. The author of popular books such as White Mughals, City of Djinns, From the Holy Mountain and The Last Mughal, he is currently co-writing a non-fiction history book on the diamond, titled Kohinoor.

Dalrymple, who is also one of the founders of the Jaipur Literature Festival and now a Delhi resident, has this to say about India’s claim on the diamond.

  • From Mughals, Kohinoor went to Persia


  • It was just one of the many things Persians stole from Mughals

  • It remained with the Persians for several generations

  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh took it through torture

b’Image of Shah Shujah. Source: Youtube / IndianExpressOnline’

  • No, it wasn’t gifted to the British

  • It was given to them as part of peace treaty

  • India snatched it too!

  • India’s can’t be the only claimant

This video will sum it up for you: