Uber is one startup which everyone loves to hate. A recent logo change had the company in the news for, no prizes for guessing, it’s ‘hateable’ logo. And then there is the surge pricing, which has been controversial to say the least. 

And, now one Nitish Parmani has started this petition on Change.org:

Basically, it is a rant about a couple of bad experiences faced by the petitioner and his friend thanks to surge pricing.

But what is interesting are the tweets doing the round about the petition: 

And then there were people who didn’t really agree with the petition:

Like this comment by Vikas Gupta:

I’m NOT signing because it’s market economy and regulated by demand and supply. Some cabs do not go for surge pricing but you can’t find them when you require them most. With Uber at least you can get one during emergencies. Further Uber is not a public welfare company, if you don’t like their policy then simply use public transport. They are much cheaper and yeah with no surge pricing.

And, of course, these tweets: