Home mixologists tend to have an overrated understanding of their own abilities, and it’s mostly due to no fault of theirs. Learning the ropes to bartending all by your lonesome is bound to have its flaws, but fear not! There’s always a bunch of cool little trinkets and knick-knacks you can add to your alcoholic arsenal that’ll make you look like a professional in a jiffy.

Here goes.

1. Brass Knuckles Corkscrew

Drinking wine gets a whole lot more badass when you couple it with these bad boys. Open a bottle while looking like you’re giving someone who owes you money the ol’ one-two is a plain fun.


2. Inside Out Martini Glass

A cocktail glass surrounded by a normal glass, these things might draw a few strange looks when you first whip it out but they’re actually a lot more practical. Also, you can finally drink a martini without listening to a friend make a James Bond quip!


3. Luchador Bottle Opener

Great for a couple of consistent laughs, these openers are shaped like the Mexican wrestlers and is bound to bring out the Nacho Libre in everyone. They more drunk you get, the funnier they get.


4. One for All, All for One Wine Dispenser

Wine gives me a headache, but for those who swear by the taste of the tipple, this little gadget can solve all your pouring hassles. No more pouring every drink by the glass, this thing sorts you out with four at a go!


5. Doomed Shot Glasses

This double-walled glass features a sculpted skull inside and looks badass with a drink in it. Use it to impress your friends and intimidate your enemies (may not work but whatever).


6. Poisoned Glass

A fun, adolescent prank to play on unsuspecting fellow drinkers, this glass has a message telling you that you’ve just been poisoned on the bottom. Make sure they’re drinking something dark though!


7. Liquor Bottle Lock

Got a little bar at home that you’re pretty proud of? Chances are, someone unwanted is gonna flick a taste of that premium liquor sooner or later, which is why this bottle lock with a four part combination is a great thing to have around.


8. Bottle Spouts

The one thing that most home bars miss out on, bottle spouts are, yet again, not a necessity by any degree, but they do help you not spill your booze while pouring into a a jigger, they’re cheap and they can make all those twirly bottle tricks look cool as hell.


9. Steel Whiskey Cooling Balls

Forged from high quality stainless steel and containing an Arctic core, these balls act as a temperature conduit and can be used in place of ice while drinking in glasses and small volumes. It doesn’t dilute your drink like regular ice and keeps your drink cooler for longer. Plus it looks sleek as hell! Go for the Balls of Steel coolers.


10. BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

At a looming 11.5 inches tall, this kooky ‘glass’ can hold a staggering 750 ml of wine within. Perfect if you’ve accepted your alcoholism and the word ‘wino’ makes you brim with pride. On the serious though, these make great gifts. 


Now to get your home bar looking fly as hell!