Residents of West Bengal’s Siliguri woke up to the mesmerizing view of the third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga, during the lockdown. 

Twitter user, Ashish Mundhra shared a picture of the beautiful view from his home, that was shot by his dad, on Twitter and soon others followed suit. Take a look. 

And, it is definitely a treat for the eyes, especially when you get to see the majestic mountain ranges after so many years, all thanks to the clear skies and drop in pollution levels. Surreal!

These awesome pictures caught the internet’s attention too and this is how they reacted to the enchanting views of Kanchenjunga. 

This just goes on to show how nature is reviving itself while humans are isolating. It’s time for us to reflect on our actions, it’s time to treat nature and wildlife in better ways. Right?