He earned a living working as a agent sending films to the Censor Board for clearance. When he found massive corruption in the film certification body, he helped the CBI expose it. But he’s had to pay a heavy price for it. 

Whistle-blowers across the country have complained of being harassed and targeted for exposing corruption in the country. Pravin Mohare’s case is perhaps a classic example, with the former film agent’s career going downhill after he exposed corruption and he’s now being forced to sell vegetables in a Mumbai suburb. 


Mohare was a film agent and learnt of bribery in the censor board when he went to get a trailer cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification. He went to the CBI with the allegations of bribery. He put up his own Rs 50,000 to help trap former Censor Board CEO Rakesh Kumar in 2014, reports Mumbai Mirror. 

But since then things have only been going downhill for him.

Mohare told the newspaper that producers started taking projects away from him and other agents started avoiding him. He also had his producer facilitator login id taken away after he filed a case of assault against current chairman Pahalaj Nihalani. 


And now, Mohare who once made Rs 80,000 a month sits at a stall the suburb of Borivali where he sells vegetables to make earn Rs 600 a day in an attempt to make ends meet. 

What’s worse is that he’s still to get the Rs 50,000 he had to spend to get the CBFC chairperson caught in the sting. He says that while the CBI had promised it would be refunded in about two months, he’s still to get the money back. 

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He says:

 “The film industry now treats me like an outcast and I haven’t gotten any work in several months. To make it worse, the CBI is yet to refund me.”

Mohare now says that he has learnt a lesson. 

“You are all alone if you are fighting against corruption. No one comes to support you,” he said. 

Feature image source: Twitter