Not many would know, but feeding donkey’s milk to newborn babies is a fad in various parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Even though there aren’t any studies done to confirm it, there is a high demand for donkey’s milk for its perceived nutritional value.

So this donkey milk business is flourishing in these states and sellers are making a fortune because, apparently, donkey’s milk costs a bomb. 

One such lucky man is Krishnappa from Kolar who goes from house to house in Bengaluru selling his donkey Lakshmi’s milk at Rs 50 for a spoonful, reported Bangalore Mirror. Yes costlier than any premium branded dairy milk!

You wonder why? Because unlike other milching animals, a donkey gives only around 100 ml to 200 ml of milk per day in spite of being provided with good fodder.

Krishnappa does his business by propagating the traditional belief that donkey’s milk builds immunity in children and goes around with the slogan “Donkey’s milk! Good for [curing] asthma, cold, cough. Good for children!” 

And much to his luck, there is absolutely no dearth of concerned parents.

(Feature Image Source: Wikimedia)