Ever participated in one of those hashtag competitions where the best entry gets to be featured in a company’s ads? Well, you are never going to be as cool as Bengaluru-based couple Ashish Parmar and Raina Nanaiah. 

Parmar, a photographer, snapped a picture of his wife and posted it online with #ShotOniPhone6S hashtag. Lo and behold! Apple picked it up for their ad campaign.

Parmar captured his wife, Nanaiah, in a red saree with a purple-colored diya cupped in her hands, looking straight into the camera with a natural smile. A truly resplendent Indian beauty!

Here’s what he posted on Facebook when he found he had won: 

He initially presumed that the picture would be used only for hoardings in India. But, later, he found out it was going to be used globally. The couple were obviously ecstatic when the candid picture made it to Apple billboards across the globe.

Parmar spoke to the Deccan Chronicle about his experience:

When I first found out that Apple had selected my picture for the campaign, it felt too good to be true. At first I thought someone was playing a prank on me, but when I received an official email from Apple is when I realised it was all true.

And then Nananaih posted on Facebook:

Ashish and I are trending on Yahoo!!! And that too above Shah Rukh and Priyanka Chopra!

Parmar told The Indian Express how the amazing shot come into being:

It was Diwali and she was helping my mother place diyas around our house. I just came out and saw her walking with a plate full of diyas and it caught my eye… how the light was beautifully falling on her face. Being a photographer and of course, a husband who loves his wife, I just pulled out my phone and asked her if she could just pick one diya and stand by the wall. It was a candid and random shot.

A few spots where the amazing shot has been featured:

Parmar just gave us some serious #RelationshipGoals!