Disclaimer: The following article is a work of satirical humour and is to be taken with a pinch of salt. In no way does the article mean to take away from the spirit of Independence Day or the seriousness of the freedom struggle. 

Around 163 years from today, a mutiny broke out in the barracks of Garsion Towns of Meerut, sparking a sepoy revolution that marched towards the vision of  a better Hindustan.  


Mind you, we owe our everything to our forefathers who laid down their lives to win us the freedom we have today. The world’s largest youth democracy is literally built on their blood, sweat, and sacrifices. 


Now maybe I’m losing my mind to this horrid year but I feel like this pandemic is like a parasite, feasting and sucking out all the liberties and independence that our freedom-fighters struggled so hard for. And it honestly breaks my heart. 

Bloomberg Quint

Don’t get me wrong but what’s the difference between 1857 and 2020? ( Apart from the fact that you guys can literally read this on your phone screens) 

 The soldiers still had the freedom to walk in groups from Meerut to Delhi. 

The Hindu

Whereas we, in our current situation can’t even take an inter-state travel pass to cross NCR borders in a car filled with more than 4 people.


I’m pretty sure I say this on behalf of every Indian out there, on our 74th Independence day, all we want is liberation from Coronavirus. 

How do you think our forefathers, if they lived to see this year would react to the lockdown? Looking at the curfew and restrictions, they would probably have a downward spiral, remembering their struggling days.  

Wall Street Journal

And how do you think they would feel if they came to know that kids had to give up a normal school-life and were now studying from home? 

Don’t get me wrong, the restrictions and curfews are needed to contain the virus and to flatten the curve,  my issue is with this god-forsaken pandemic.

Like why the hell is it still here? 

The Hindu

It literally feels like an ‘Atithi tum kab jaoge‘ situation, where coronavirus was an uninvited guest and has overstayed its welcome. 

I have come to realise that 163 years after the first wave of freedom struggle, we’re faced with similar scenarios that erupted after the revolt of 1857.  

Shops are shut, people are too scared to step out of their homes, casualties are increasing, public places are deserted. And our oppressor this time is a global pandemic. 

Business Today

The only difference is that this time,  doctors, medical workers, and frontline warriors are the freedom fighters, combatting and leading 2020’s liberation struggle against Coronavirus. 

National Herald

In their white coats, layers of protective gear and selflessly serving the nation,  we’re positive that their sacrifices will get us closer to attaining freedom from Coronavirus. 

Here’s to living in a world without Coronavirus again and soon. Stay strong, stay safe.