While Indian politicians are busy snoring in the parliament, an Italian politician proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a parliamentary session in Rome. 

While the parliament was in session discussing the post-earthquake reconstruction, Flavio Di Muro a 33-year-old member of the League party popped a ring from beneath his seat and asked his partner Elisa De Leo to marry him. 

Source: MSN.com

The entire parliament broke into applause when Mr. Muro took the floor to address the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. He started his proposal by saying: 

This is not a day like any other for me, it's a different day, it's a special day. 
Source: Daily Mail

A few seconds after he popped the question, one of Mr. Muro's colleague jumped at him to hug the blushing politician. 

Source: Daily Mail

However, the speaker of the chamber Mr. Roberto Fico wasn't very impressed by Mr. Muro's grand gesture, he said 

 MP Di Muro, I understand you but it's not appropriate to use an intervention for this purpose.
Source: Daily Mail

The couple who has been together for 6 years now, is all set to start a new life together. Politician Di Muro justified his action by saying: 

She's close to me personally, and politically, and she's been with me throughout my political career.
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Well, just when we thought big romantic gestures were dead, this Italian politician has swept the entire parliament with his surprise. 

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