Even though most of the places have opened as part of the ‘unlockdown’, educational facilities like schools and colleges are still shut. 

But a school in the village of Dhumka district, Jharkhand is trying a creative way to make distance learning fun for its students who don’t have access to smartphones or online classes. 

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Shyam Kishore Singh Gandhi, the headmaster of Bankathi Middle School put up several loudspeakers across the school where the classes are held for two hours every day since April 16. The students sit near the loudspeakers which have been put up on trees and walls at different locations and attend the classes.  

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About these classes, Gandhi further added, 

Louder speakers are put up where the number of students is more. Five teachers and two para teachers teach over the mike from the classroom. Thousands of schools and colleges across India have switched to online as classrooms remain shut since mid-March amid the coronavirus outbreak. There are 246 students from class 1 to class 8, and 204 of them do not have mobile phones. If the students have any doubt or want to ask any question, they can send their queries to me from anyone’s mobile phone and we explain it the next day

Netizens lauded this creative method. 

Reports mentioned, that this method of learning is working and students are grasping well what is being taught. Most of the days there is 100% attendance.