There is a stroke of genius in all of us. We just have to tap it in the right fashion, just like this man from Kerala. 

His story came to light when a few weeks ago, a Twitter user Anil Panicker posted a picture of an auto-rickshaw owner, who re-designed his auto in a manner that it looked like the Mahindra Scorpio SUV. At first glance, anyone would be mistaken! 

So fascinated was he that he even tagged Anand Mahindra, the Executive Chairman of Mahindra Group, in the tweet. 

Just like Panicker, Mahindra too was impressed by the sheer design and innovation. He quickly replied asking if his team or anyone could help him locate the owner. He also announced that he would buy the revamped auto for the Mahindra museum and instead gift the person concerned a four-wheeler in return.

Now, after almost two months, Anand Mahindra kept his promise and tracked down the owner Sunil in Kerala. Staying true to his words, he gifted Sunil a Mahindra Supro Mini Van and posted an adorable picture of him. 

Twitter surely can’t get over this heart-warming story and was all praises for Mahindra for his gesture: