She was so upset by a pothole that was not being repaired and causing traffic jams, that she began to fill it herself. And this Home Guard is now being appreciated all across the country.

Nikhil Pai was travelling though Mangalore when he spotted a woman repairing a road by herself despite being in what seemed to be a traffic warden’s uniform. The woman was shovelling tar into the pothole on National Highway 66 all by herself.

In a Facebook post, Pai said that he discovered that woman, Padmavati, was a Home Guard  who reported to the Kulai Traffic Police, Mangalore.

Padmavati reportedly decided to do the work on her own because the craters in the road at the Baikampady Industrial area of Mangalore was causing major traffic blocks and making it difficult for commuters to use the road.

Just to be clear, that doesn’t fall within her responsibilities and is actually the job of a contractor hired to mend the road.

Here’s what Pai posted:

Feature image source: The Newsminute