Everyone accepts the fact that airline food is not the most mouth-watering. But you think it’ll be edible at least. Not always, as this man on a recent Air India flight found out. 


Rahul Raghuvanshi, who works in Boston, Massachusetts, was travelling to Chicago from Delhi when he came across something really unappetising in his meal.

Yes, that’s a cockroach in the meal. A vegetarian meal, nonetheless. Talking to ScoopWhoop, Rahul narrated his experience,

They served us the food and I ate half of it before I came across the fried cockroach in my food. For a second I thought it was fried onion or something, but it wasn’t. I had it on my fork and almost ate it. The second I realized that it was a fried cockroach, I freaked out! I felt disgusted and humiliated. It’s the last thing you’d want to see in your vegetarian meal. I complained to the cabin crew and they apologized. But when you’re fed a cockroach, an apology is certainly not enough to undo the agony that you were put through. It left me with a horrible headache, I was bloated and felt sick to my stomach. When I asked the cabin crew for medicine, they never returned back to me with one or an answer saying they didn’t have any. I have been feeling sick since then.

Expectedly, Rahul is certainly not flying with Air India again. Earlier, they had even misplaced his baggage:

I don’t see myself or any of my friends and family traveling with Air India ever again. It truly was the worst flight of my life. They also misplaced my baggage when I arrived in New Delhi and didn’t hand it over until 5 days later.

The airline, however, tweeted an apology to Rahul:

Air India has launched a serious probe into the matter, and has also served a notice to the caterer responsible for distributing food on its flights.

Dhananjay Kumar, the senior manager for corporate communications at Air India told NDTV,  

“Air India took serious note of the incident and issued notice to the caterer concerned immediately. Further investigation is going on.”

Not cool, Air India, not cool!