Vijay Thakur once had a job at Larsen and Toubro which paid him Rs 65,000. But he junked his comfortable pay to start driving a taxi, just so that he can help people during medical emergencies.

Thakur’s life took a drastic turn on the night his wife had a miscarriage. He couldn’t find a single taxi willing to take them to a hospital. An enraged Thakur decided that instead of cursing the system, he would try to find a solution.

The answer was to start providing a taxi service himself. Thakur told Humans of Bombay,

“I gave up my career as an engineer at Larsen and Toubro and began to drive a taxi, free of cost for anyone who needs to get to the hospital. I earn 10,000 rupees a month from general passengers, but my aim is to help those in need at any hour of the day. Whoever sits in my cab gets my card and can contact me even at 3 in the morning with an emergency and I will take them to their destination.”

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In case you need to contact him in Mumbai the publication has also shared his number.