We all have been reeling under the shock of the Emirates flight crash land and have been watching and re-watching videos of how the passengers scampered for safety. We also have been debating over the past few days over why the passengers, instead of running for their lives, decided to risk their safety, and look for their belongings instead. While some came out in support, there were others who were quick to judge or even mock the passengers. One such man decided to blame an entire race for the behaviour of the passengers on the plane. 

But Twitter user @peegeekay has lent a rather fresh perspective to the whole incident and actually has made us think hard. 

Why did the passengers behave the way they did at the time of emergency? Why did they need to look for their belongings and material possessions when their ‘lives’ were in danger?

Praveen Gopal Krishnan, instead of dismissing the behaviour outright, delves into a much deeper problem and links it with the overall Gulf immigrant experience.

He goes on to list, the many woes an Indian immigrant in the Gulf faces, along with his family.


And therefore, the natural obsession to cling to everything they possessed. Because it matters to them. That passport matters to them.

In a candid chat with ScoopWhoop, he says,

“This is based on my experience growing up in the Gulf in the 80’s and 90’s. I say this because *some* things have changed, but not too much really.”

And he wasn’t the only one who concurred with his perspective and found nothing wrong in passengers reaching out for their belongings at the time of emergency.

This indeed makes us think hard. Are we quick to judge? Would you have behaved differently? Is it not okay to reach out for your possessions when your ‘life’ depends on it?