At a time when scenes of police brutality on the streets of the country has become a part of the everyday news cycle, this Meerut cop has chosen to walk a different path.

India Today

Vijay Gupta, the Sadar Bazar Police Station SHO, is funding a kitchen to serve meals to the poor and the homeless with his personal savings, India Today reported.   


Speaking to reporters about the philanthropy during the coronavirus lockdown, he said: 

I am distributing food to beggars, the homeless and rickshaw pullers, mostly… When a partial lockdown was announced, I asked two cooks from a nearby village to come and stay in my house and make food for people who are living on the streets during this pandemic… I am paying them for their services, and I am thankful that they obliged. 

He also has a message for the people in this time of crisis. 

Twitter has bee praising the cop for his humanitarian actions. 

It is actually quite good to see a cop doing this for the poor and the homeless. It will go a long way in setting an example for the rest.