Sagacious. Astuteness. Figurine. Rectitude.

Bet some of you would have’d to open the dictionary for finding the meaning of these words. Now consider that a tweet by Uttar Pradesh Tourism’s official Twitter handle carried all these four words! 

Earlier today, the Uttar Pradesh tourism board put up this tweet to promote Varanasi, which blew the minds of users:

Umm yeah..confused? So are we, by this high-flowing language which makes no sense at all. 

Obviously, Twitterati took no time to troll UP Tourism big time and went on to rip apart the random assortment of words used in the tweet. They got trolled so much that they were forced to delete their tweet for the fear of being trolled further.

Looks like they have a competition. Beat this!

Their English teacher must be so proud!

Yes seems, finally this scene from Friends has translated into reality

This isn’t the first time they have played with vocabulary. Looks like they have been doing this since a long time, but Twitter didn’t notice it before. Have a look at this one