Harbhajan Singh or Bhajji has always been an entertainer, on and off the field. But who knew that Ravichandran Ashwin had a fun side to him as well.

Both Ashwin and Bhajji tried teaching each other their respective mother tongues and the result is simply hilarious.

While this is the highlight of the video, the spin-duo also indulged in various other interesting topics such as,

  • Did they remembered each other’s centuries?
  • The most irritating batsman at the nets
  • A quality which they would want to take from the other
  • Favourite wicket-taking delivery of the other person
  • Pumping iron and sweating it out in the gym
  • Ashwin’s experience of being a parent 

This 7-minute video clearly shows camaraderie the two cricketers share with each other. Take a look:


(Feature image source: Youtube video screenshot)