A video which shows three lionesses and six cubs walking on the streets of Gujarat’s Junagadh district has left the residents in shock.

A local resident Mrunal Joshi saw these beasts casually rambling on the roads around 2:30 am on Tuesday when he got up to relieve himself. The sight was unbelievable for him but he went on to capture the extraordinary spectacle from his third-floor balcony, reports The Times of India

What’s terrifying is that the areas through which these Asiatic lions walked past are densely populated with residential houses, schools, a hospital and other buildings. The road taken by the beasts is inhabited roughly by 10,000 people, the report adds.

Here’s the video

The Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary, which spans over 17,827 hectares is home to about 45 lions and Junagadh is located just two kilometers from the boundary of the sanctuary.

“Lions often come close to residential areas in Junagadh,” said Dr Jalpan Rupapara, a wildlife conversation expert in Junagadh.

Meanwhile, according to an  IANS report, one person was seriously injured when three lions attacked him in Gujrat’s Amreli district on the same day. However, no connection between the two incidents has been established yet.