Earlier yesterday, a video of Britain's first turbaned Sikh MP--Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi went viral for calling out PM Borris for his 'racist remarks'.

In the video, the MP further demands an apology for the PM's 'derogatory' remarks. 

In a heartfelt-passionate speech about discrimination in the House Of Commons, Mr. Dhesi took a stand for the racist comments, while demanding a logical justification from the PM and speaker for the same. 

He further shared the trauma of his childhood where he and people from his community were called names likes "Taliban" and " towel head". 

With all his boldness, he pointed out that the PM's derogatory comments and racist remarks have led to a spike in hate crime. 

He took a stand for Muslim women in burkhas and hijabs who're referred to as "letterboxes" and "bank robbers" as he questioned the PM about his inquiry on Islamophobia. 

Netizens couldn't help but applaud Tanmanjeet Singh for taking a stand: 

The eye-opening stand taken by Mr Dheshi has left us with goosebumps.