A Mumbai woman who refused to pay the fine after being caught travelling ticketless on a local train and asked the TC to arrest Mallya first, has now been sent to prison for seven days. This is after she remained adamant on her stand even as she faced the magistrate.

Premlata Bhansali, who argued for a reported 12 hours as to why she was being fined while Mallya managed to escape, accepted all charges read out by the magistrate, but refused to pay the fine. While the on-the-spot fine when caught on train was Rs 260, that after appearing before the magistrate was Rs 1700. However, the court brought it down to Rs 460 on humanitarian grounds, but the woman didn’t budge.

On Sunday, Bhansali had claimed that not paying for a Rs 10 ticket and arguing 12 hours for a

Wife of a Mumbai-based businessman, Bhansali has been sent to Byculla jail. She has said that she won’t pay a fine even if she is jailed for six months.