Okay, so Arabs and sanity are two words we don’t really use in a sentence too often. However, what happened this morning made the Internet drop its jaw, never to find it again. 


Yeah, you saw it and you’re damn right about it.


What started as just another day at the February 22nd Street in Qatar quickly escalated into a wildlife safari when a tiger decided to take a stroll down a busy road. 

And no, we’re not talking about some tiger cub who’s afraid to be around humans.

It’s common knowledge that Arabs have a penchant for exotic animals; tigers being the top contenders. For the very same reason, raising wild and exotic animals as pets has been something that the Qatar ministry has strictly warned against. The ministry has also been issuing countless warnings repeatedly about the dangers of rearing up such animals intended for the wild.

And going by the collar around its neck, the big cat definitely looks like a lost pet unable to figure its way back home.

b’Source: nricafe’

While any official information is yet to come on how the wild animal landed on the streets, the video of the whole incident is going viral all over the Internet.

Here’s the video:

Hey, tiger! FYI, your owner is an asshole.